Affiliate Program

Do you have an busy website? Would you like to earn extra revenue each month? Check out the affiliate program from Bondware Web Solutions. Simply sign up to become an affiliate partner, and grab the custom advertising code to embed on your website. Any site visitor that clicks on the ad and signs up for our services will automatically generate revenue to you. We even give you a thirty day window for us to close the deal.

Best of all you never have to sell to or support the customers that sign up. We take care of all sales and support functions, and handle the relationship from the time they sign up. You simply receive a check or Paypal deposit for the affiliate bonus.  Bonus amounts vary depending on the service referred.  Please talk with our sales staff for details.

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By becoming an affiliate partner, you can advertise a product that small businesses need and love. Check out what some of our current customers have to say about the program.

"Need an inexpensive professional looking website? Check out Express and the good folks at Bondware Web Solutions. Great People. Great Results."
- Corey Lester

"If you are looking for a professional website without shelling out a lot of money, Express is the answer. I have been using Express for the past 6 months, and quite simply, I LOVE EXPRESS."
- Kim Council

"I totally believe in this product. Seriously, for anyone who needs a web presence and thinks it’s going to be expensive they have not seen this yet!"
- Gabriel Fancher