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  Latest news for Bondware customers. Thu, Nov 17, 2016  

Welcome to the November '16 edition of the Bondware newsletter.  Make the most of Bondware with our product news below.


Bondware Core Improvements

Slide Show Standardization & Preferences
In this release we have standardized the slideshows between section slideshows and in-article slideshows.  This allows for a more stylish presentation that works well on most devices.  Also, common slideshow preferences can now be saved to speed the process of posting content.

RSS Feed Improvements
New clients sometimes miss the fact that Bondware includes both an RSS client (for pulling feeds from other sources) as well as an RSS server (to provide out-going RSS feeds of Bondware news sections).  To simplify access to RSS feeds provided by a Bondware site, we have modified the /feed.php script to provide a clickable index of available RSS feeds.

Database Code Libarary Updated
From time-to-time, it is necessary to update our core code to align with industry standards and best practices.  This release includes a complete overall of our code for accessing SQL databases.  The result should be faster and more reliable Bondware sites that also work well in the cloud.

HTML Editors for Section Templates
Site managers can now easily edit the template for a content section or all the articles in that section.

Bondware Element Clean-Up
Obscure and deprecated elements have been organized (and possibly renamed) to avoid client confusion.

Bug Fixes and User Suggested Improvements
This release also includes bug fixes and improvements based on customer feedback.

To the Cloud

Over the next year, we will be migrating all customers to our new cloud-based hosting platform.  If you have not migrated yet, our customer support staff will be in touch soon to coordinate your site migration.  You won't notice many changes to how Bondware works, but you should notice improved site speed and lower bandwidth costs over time.  We can also configure larger sites to run across multiple servers that spin-up automatically as demand increases.

As always, customers can try new Bondware features risk-free via our 15-day free trial.


Last Word

We hope you enjoy this release.  As usual, it includes many improvements to templates, elements and general bug fixes. You can learn more about the new features in our online knowledge base at




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