"I've been very impressed with the service newspapers receive from Bondware: attractive, effective sites with minimal time investment. They are a perfect fit for small newspapers. "

Kevin Slimp, Director of the Institute of Newspaper Technology

Our Approach to Business

Start with a passion for helping people solve problems with technology. Assemble a team of the smartest, most capable staff you can find. Stand on the shoulders of giants by building on top of other powerful technologies: Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Develop a platform that scales from a single server to the most robust "cloud-based" websites. Make software applications modular so clients can buy just what they need. Make it easy to deliver updates so new features can be "released early, released often". Carefully choose target markets and deliver bundles of software tailored to the needs of those clients. Bundle related services such as email, domain names, design and web-hosting to keep things simple. And most importantly, stand behind clients as they apply the software to their needs by providing high-quality customer support.

That's our approach. If it makes sense to you, we would love to talk.