"I've worked with the Bondware team since 1998 at different newspapers including Morris MultiMedia, American Hometown Publishing, the Murfreesboro Post and the Cannon Courier. The service has been solid and Bondware's newspaper roots show in the software."

Ron Fryar, Publisher, Cannon Courier & Murfreesboro Post

Phase-out of legacy site URLs

Some long-time customers may still be using links like http://host1.bondware.com/~sitename on their site. In order to improve our ability to transparently migrate sites to new servers, we are phasing out support for these older, server specific links. In a few sites, this may lead to broken links or broken images on sites, but these are easily fixed.

How do I fix these deprecated links?

We are no longer using the link http://host1.bondware.com/~
The (~) pollutes our SEO, and is no longer used internally. We can change these links in the Database if you are experiencing inconvenient issues.

Manual Fix

  1. Files >> Folders >> Folder Name
  2. Under Actions click Preview/HTML
  3. Copy the URL for HTML Editor
  4. Paste it on your site in place of the http://host1.bondware.com/~yoursitename
Your original link might look like this:
The above link would become:

Automatic Fix

  1. Go to Settings >> General Site Settings
  2. Scroll to the bottom under Previous Domain Names & URL Cleanup
  3. Run URL Clean Up Script (see image below)
  4. This should auto fix broken links on your site.

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