Article Slideshow Element

The slideshow element has all the customization and versatility required to create, manage and present article images quickly and easily. Upload your photos to the sleek, mobile friendly, article slideshow. Write cutlines, rearrange photos, populate ad spots and place the generated element anywhere within the article or on your site in minutes.

Where do I find the article slideshow element?

Go to: Content >> Add an Article or Edit an existing Article
Scroll to: Slideshow
Select an image
There are three Slideshow Placement options:
Uncheck Use slideshow instead of main image. (Disables Placement Options)
Of the three, choose Element

You can paste this element anywhere on your site, except in Digital Editions and article summaries.

What are all the ,, commas for, and what do the numbers & letters mean?

The commas in the element are place holder spots for other advanced customization options.

You can use the element without the extra commas like this:


  • $.element(bwcore,slideshow,3)$
  • $.element(bwcore,slideshow,3,5,N,400,600)$

How do I read this element?


We understand that elements can be confusing, but they are very powerful. By reviewing a few variables, you have the ability to customize the slideshow several different ways. See the chart below for an in-depth look at those variables or from the Admin Backend Go to: Help >> Elements

Article Slideshow Element Breakdown

Article ID Duration Show_Captions Height Width Background_.Color Thumbnails_or_Numbers)$
$.element(bwcore,slideshow ,673 ,5 ,Y ,500 ,980 ,#333 ,T)$
Element Name

To find the Article ID #
Go to:
Copy the ID:#

5 sec by

Show file titles &
descriptions as image captions

Y or N
Yes or No
Y by default


height of the slideshow images in pixels

(Only affects actual image, not the entire Slideshow)


(Fills width
of its

Transparent by default

Hex Color Code

(With or without #)

#333 is Gray

T or N
Thumbnails or Numbers
for changing slides

Create a standalone slideshow without publishing an article.

To create a standalone slideshow you must create an article, but you don't have to publish it in order to use the slideshow element. There is no way to create an article slideshow without creating an article.
Remember the element relies on an Article ID: $.element(bwcore,slideshow,673,,,200,,T)$

Best practice for creating multiple slideshows

Add a Content Section
Under General Information
Give the Section a high priority #, making it the very last section.
Name the section Article Slideshows
Uncheck all the default Include this article section in...
Scroll to the bottom

Click Add an Article
On the Create an article page under Article Basics
Set the Status: Pending
Select Section: Article Slideshows
Skip over the priority and publish date
Generally an article headline/title is required.
Skip the Article Summary and Article Text
Scroll to: Slideshow
It is best practice to create a folder first, then upload images to that folder for organization.
Select and insert the images
Add cutlines and rearrange the photos by dragging them
Uncheck Use slideshow instead of main image. (Disables Placement Options)
Select Element
Change the rest of your preferred slideshow options
Copy the element
displayed from $dollar sign to dollar sign$

You can paste the article slideshow element anywhere on your site, including the: Sidebar, Homepage, a different article etc. Keep in mind the width variable is found in the element documentation, and by default it is 100%, but you can plug in 250 as a pixel size for the sidebar for example.
Slideshow width is in pixels $.element(bwcore,slideshow,673,,,200,250,T)$

Cant find the article after you save the slideshow?

Remember it is Pending
Go to: Content >> View Pending Articles
Scroll to the Article Slideshows section

Changing and editing the element

After placing the element you may need to adjust the height, width, color, or thumbnails/numbers options.

Edit the article.
Scroll to Slideshow
Change the options
Before saving, Don't forget to re-copy the element
re-paste it in the article and or and re-paste the element where it is located on your site.


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