Bondware Version 4.30

Bondware version 4.30 is here. The Bondware development team has been busy this month working on a great list of new features and improvements to the tools that news publishers use every day. Improvements in this update include the ability to place an article slideshow with an element, zooming for article slideshow images, auto-complete for article tags and a handful of other usability improvements and bug fixes.

Article Slideshow Element

One of our most popular recent features is the article slideshow. This feature makes it easy to tell a story through images inside an article. Previously, the positioning of the article slideshow was limited to the top or bottom of the article. Now, with the article slideshow element, you can place your slideshow anywhere inside the article body and nearly anywhere else on your site where you might use an element.

We have also added the ability to click to zoom for article slideshow images. When an a slideshow image is clicked, the screen will darken and the image will be shown full-size.

Auto-complete for Article Tags

As most of you probably know, the Publish CMS allows you to tag an article with specific keywords. These keywords are used for both SEO and linking articles together that have related topics. With this update, article tags that have been used previously will be presented as auto-complete options when assigning article tags. This allows news publishers to consistently label articles with the same tags and create better associations between related articles. Read more about this new feature here.

Pending Articles

Pending articles that have been set to activate at a future date/time now show the date/time at which they will be activated when viewing pending articles. More information about article scheduling can be found here.

Modules in admin bar

The admin bar now features quick links to all the modules installed on a site.

Phase-out of legacy site URLs

Some long-time customers may still be using links like on their site. In order to improve our ability to transparently migrate sites to new servers, we are phasing out support for these older, server specific links. On a few sites, this may lead to broken links or broken images, but these are easily repaired. If you have questions or need help updating the links on your site please consult this help document or contact


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