Can articles be scheduled automatically?

Article Scheduling enables individual articles to be scheduled for activation, deletion or relocation on a future date in 15 minute intervals. 

Make sure the Timezone is set for your location

Go to: Settings >> General Site Settings
Under Time Zone
Select your location

Scheduling when creating or editing an article

Go to: Content >> Add an Article
Or Content >> View Active/Pending Articles and image Edit.

Under Article Basics
Change the status to Pending
Insert the date and time for Override Publish Date:
Click Article Scheduling or
Scroll to Toggles and Keywords

Automatically activate this article at: 00:00 on mm/dd/yyyy
Automatically close this article on: mm/dd/yyyy
Automatically delete this article at: 00:00 on mm/dd/yyyy
Automatically move this article to: ' Another News Section' on mm/dd/yyyy

Check and fill out all that apply.
Note: Works with section settings to automate activation, closing and moving of articles.

Why didn't my article status change at the scheduled time?

Articles need to processed by section.
Go to: Content>>Manage Sections
image edit The Content Section the pending article assigned to
Under General Information

Pending articles will be activated and active articles closed at this time. "00:00" equals 12 a.m. (midnight).

Check the box and set the time

Auto Activate Publishing Time on Date

Pending articles that have been set to activate at a future date/time will show the date/time at which they will be activated when viewing pending articles.

Here are what the setting look like when  editing pending article.

I need articles to automatically close to save time. Where is this setting?

Go to: Content >> Content Preferences

Automatically close new articles after ____ days. Leave blank or 0 to never close articles by default.

Note: This feature affects all new articles in every section.


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