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Connect with your customers with Bondware Connect, e-mail marketing and survey services.

Check out our powerful e-mail newsletter and survey features free for 30 days. Lean on our experience in the field of internet marketing and e-mail marketing and watch your profits grow. With an ever growing library of templates and the option for custom newsletter design, your message will spark the interest you need to succeed. Our postage based approach to pricing usually results in lower pricing than other e-mail marketing solutions and your site comes pre-loaded with 150 e-stamps to help you test our solution. We add 10,000 more e-stamps when you purchase. Once you are connecting, our survey tool helps you collect audience feedback on important issues.


  • Get setup in minutes with our easy to use wizard. Our software guides you through the process of setting up your new e-mail marketing campaign. Easily upload your mailing list and send out professional e-mails in minutes.
  • Multiple bulk email campaigns. Create as many newsletters or e-mail campaigns as you'd like, storing archives of every e-mail broadcast you've sent out.
  • E-Mail Newsletter Tracking. Have you ever wondered who reads your newsletter? Now you can find out. Bondware's advanced Connect software will let you see every e-mail address that has opened your newsletter as well as every link they've clicked on. You'll also be able see summarized newsletter tracking which reports total views of your newsletter and the most popular links in your e-mails.
  • Newsletter email list management. With our new and improvement newsletter mailing list manager, you can verify e-mail addresses before sending your e-mail broadcast just by clicking the "Optimize Email List" button. When you don't optimize your newsletter list before sending it out, you can still see the returned e-mails, manage your bounced e-mails, and keep an eye out for spam trap email accounts where users never see or read your e-mails.
  • Newsletter templates. Now you can use templates for your newsletter e-mails that you design yourself or newsletter/e-mail templates we custom design for you. Well designed newsletter & e-mail templates for anything from corporate newsletters to neighborhood newsletters are a great way to make your newsletters look great and build brand awareness. If you'd rather us build a newsletter template for you, just ask us about our free newsletter design!
  • Scheduled broadcasts. Now you can schedule your broadcasts to be -emailed at any time of the day. You can set up a bulk e-mail broadcast to go out at 3am if you like to ensure that everyone has a copy of your newsletter in their e-mail when they first come into work. You could also set up your newsletter on Friday with a scheduled broadcast on Sunday afternoon, freeing up your weekend.
  • Automatic newsletter Opt-out option: This feature has always been available in Bondware's newsletter functionality, but has been improved in our new Connect software. You can now view all that have opted out of your newsletters and users now have the option to opt out of just one mailing list or from all mailing lists sent from your domain. This gives the user more freedom and helps to make sure you stay in compliance with all mass email regulations.
  • User e-mail account self management. Users can now click a link at the bottom of your broadcasts to update their e-mail address and/or name. This helps to make sure that your e-mail lists are always kept as current as possible and improving your overall newsletter broadcast effectiveness.
  • Start a conversation with our powerful Survey Manager tool. Creating sophisticated surveys with auto-tabulation of results as recipients respond.
  • Expand your messages reach with Social Media integration. Turn your email subscribers into raving fans when you give them the ability to share your e-mail marketing with their contacts on Facebook and Twitter. Your subscribers simply click a button in your e-mail and that message can be displayed across their sphere of influence.


When you are ready to purchase, Bondware Connect pricing starts with a $30 setup and $30 per month, plus low per e-mail postage charges. You will receive 10,000 units of postage when you purchase the service. Beyond that, e-mail postage is competitively priced as low as $1.00 per 1,000 emails, when purchased in bulk. See volume discount table below.


Volume Pricing Table

Volume Postage Price
1,000-199,000 $2.00 per 1000
200,000-399,000 $1.80 per 1000
400,000-599,000 $1.60 per 1000
600,000-799,000 $1.40 per 1000
800,000-999,000 $1.20 per 1000
1,000,000- $1.00 per 1000

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