Embedding Video into News Articles

Adding video to your news articles is one way to increase engagement with your readers.

Getting Started With Video

There are many ways for news organizations to create, edit and upload video content these days. Typically news organizations start with the idea of hosting their own videos on their website, but the reality is that it is usually better to leave video hosting to the experts. The reasons include simple economics of video hosting, the quality of service that professional video hosting sites can provide, increased exposure for your news content and potential income from revenue sharing. It only takes one wildly successful viral video (and the potentially thousands of dollars of related bandwidth costs) to convince most publishers to consider a free video hosting service like YouTube. Fortunately, Bondware makes it very easy to embed your YouTube hosted videos into your news articles.

After setting up your free account and channel on YouTube, you can upload your original videos to the YouTube site. Once you have video content uploaded, you can embed the video into your Bondware site using the steps outlined below.

Embedding a Video From YouTube

  1. While logged into YouTube, click Share below the video you would like to embed on your Bondware site.

Click Embed under the Share tab.

Highlight and copy the embed code.

Go to: Content>>Add an Article

In the Article Basics check Video Article

Scroll to the article text and click the Insert/edit video icon

In the pop up there will be two tabs. Select Embed.

This is what the article text will look like with an embedded video


The Pay-Off

The YouTube video tutorial below was created by our support staff and placed using the same steps outlined in this article. You will note that it covers the same process in a more visual fashion.

Customizing the Presentation of Video Articles

As seen in the video above, enabling the video toggle on articles causes Bondware to display a icon by the article headline across the site as a visual cue to the reader that video content is available. Bondware has a default video icon, but you can customize your site using the steps below.

Go to: Content>>Content Preferences

Scroll to the Video Icon image upload area

You can upload a custom icon that will appear beside all articles with video content. Here's one possibility:


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