How to post an Advertisement

The Ad manager module can be purchased with your Bondware site for $30 a month. Easily upload your ads using your browser. Track impressions and click activity. Target ads to article sections or run-of-site. Use weights to deliver the desired number of impressions/clicks Use Bondware Elements to place ad rotations in the header/footer/sidebars and articles. Limit ad runs based upon start-date/end-date. Limit ad runs based upon number of impressions/clicks delivered. Supports external ad system code snippets, and also supports simple text ads.

Active Ads

The Ad Manager admin page starts on the Active Ads page. Ad Groups and sample ads are already populated in the module. Take a look that the group names. The groups are named based on the location and size of the ads.

Go to: Modules>>Ad Manager
Click Create an Ad if you see the ad group you want to use.
If you do not see the group name for the ad's size and location, you will need to create a group first.

To create a new ad group click Groups in the navigation under the Ad Manager heading

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Using Ad Groups

A group can contain multiple ads that are targeted to populate in different areas on the site. Ads in the same group, targeted to the same area, rotate out per refresh and can be given weights to populate more than others.

Click Add a Group to create a new one for the ad's specific size and location.

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Creating an Ad Group

The group should be named based on the ad size and the location on the site where the element is going to be placed. The group name is 25 characters max, abbreviation may be necessary. Consider using underscores instead of spaces. Notes are optional, but several groups and abbreviated group names can become confusing if you have make changes later.

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Create an ad in the ad group

After you create a new group you will be directed back to the Groups page. Click on the ad group you've just created or any group. Clicking on a group name shows you all the ads in that group and any notes you made when the group was created.


Click Create an ad

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Create an Ad

You can, also, get started creating an ad from the Active Ads page. Then choose the group name and status from the dropdown in the General Settings on the ad creation page.

Click Create an Ad

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Creating an ad

The ad's general settings include the status, ad group, weight for multiple ad rotation, and the name. The ad type and business category are optional features.

General Settings

        1. Status - Select Active from the status drop down.
        2. Group - Choose the group the ad belongs in.
          You do not have to place an ad in a group.
          See the Ad Manager Elements help documentation for the element to place the ad.
          This should only be done for special cases.
        3. Weight - If there are multiple ads in this ad group, targeted to populate in the same spot, set the desired weight.
        4. Category - Select a Business Category to display the ad in the Advertiser Index.
        5. Ad Name - Name the ad based on it's content or company.
          Readers will see this name in the Advertiser Index if a category is selected.

Display Method

There are a few types of ads Ad Manager can display.



Uploading an ad image

An image can be uploaded and linked to a website.
This is labeled Online Ads in the Advertiser Index.




Pasting Ad Embed Code

Paste code for ads like Google AdSense in the HTML box. You can also type plain text in this area. If there is anything in this box, it will override anything in the Upload Image Display Option.

Uploading a Display Ad

Uploading a display ad image will populate the ad, and also populate it in a separate window when clicked. If there is an image and uploaded and a link in the Upload Image Display Option as well as the Display ad Option, the display ad will link to that website when clicked again in the separate window. This ad will show up under Display Ads if a category is selected.

After you finish choosing a Display Method Click Targeting to expand Advanced Options.


Advanced Targeting

Where would you like the ad to show up?

The Targeting link is defaulted to Run of Site.

Target the ad to a specific section or multiple sections.

Jane's Flower Shop could be targeted to Obituaries and Lifestyles section. Target the ad to specific front end modules modules. Placeholder ad spots or an ad to appeal to advertisers . Automotive ads could be targeted to the Classifieds Module. An ad for an event could be targeted to the Calendar Module. An ad by a business in the directory could be targeted to the Business Directory module etc.. Targeting to specific roles give you the ability to target readers who have a role based subscription to the site.

Ad Tags

Ad Tags are useful for reporting statistics. By placing an Ad Element you can populate an ad spot with ads that share the same tags. This can be useful during special events like an upcoming election. All ads with the tag politics will be populated in the Political News section and rotate out.

Contract Terms

Notifications can be sent to the buyer's email, when the contract terms expire. Enable/disable this feature in the

Placing the Ad on your site

Click Groups in the navigation under the Ad Manager heading again.

Under Display Options highlight the element from $dollar sign to dollar sign$
Copy & Paste the element anywhere on your site.

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