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  Latest news for Bondware customers. Thu, Aug 25, 2016  

Welcome to the August '16 edition of the Bondware newsletter.  Make the most of Bondware with our product news below.


Bondware Core Improvements

RSS Feeds in Newsletters
We have a fair number of clients that use Bondware primarily to send email newsletters.  We recently added a new element for newsletters that can pull an RSS feed from any source and format for inclusion in an email newsletter.  See "Newsletter Display RSS Feed" in the element help for your site to learn more.

Improved Process for Digital Editions
With this release, we have improved the process for creating digital editions in Bondware.  We now rely on third-parties to convert PDF documents into images and package the images into a compressed ZIP file.  This ZIP file is then uploaded to Bondware.  This approach will ultimately let us serve more customers with increasingly complex PDF documents.

As always, customers can try new Bondware features risk-free via our 15-day free trial.

Bondware Directory Improvements

Bondware is committed to helping clients generate online revenue.  This release brings the following revenue-focused improvements to Bondware Directory including:

  • Addition of geographic search of listings to narrow searches by Country, State/Province and City/ZIP
  • Elements were added to rotate featured ads anywhere on your site including high visibility areas such as side-bars, article templates, etc.

Survey Module

This newly revised module goes beyond our legacy Poll module with the ability to easily setup, implement and analyze multi-question polls.  This can be used to gather news-making surveys on serious issues of the day or for revenue generating operations such as conducting conducting "Reader's Choice" style award programs.  Spin-up a new trial site to experiment with this module risk-free or contact our customer support to add a free trial of this module to your existing site.


Last Word

We hope you enjoy this release.  As usual, it includes many improvements to templates, elements and general bug fixes. You can learn more about the new features in our online knowledge base at




Frank customer feedback is valuable to us. Please help make us better by completing our Customer Survey. You can choose to be completely anonymous or have us call you about a specific issue.

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