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  Latest news for Bondware customers. Mon, Feb 6, 2017  

Welcome to the February '17 edition of the Bondware newsletter.  Make the most of Bondware with our product news below.


February is Update Your Bondware Site Month!

Our staff has been busy with lots of compatibility updates to the Bondware core and selected modules this month.  For the most part, these are required updates that maintain compatibility between the web hosting platform and various open source software packages that are included in a Bondware site. Reasons for these changes include security patches, new web standards, new capabilities, etc.

If you are a Bondware admin, you have probably seen the Admin notifications about available updates for your site.  If you are responsible for the smooth operation of the site, we encourage you to click into that and review the updates listed there.  As you may recall, routine updates to the Bondware core and modules are included as part of our service.

Updates to the Bondware core and individual modules are performed one at a time, but we encourage you to apply all available updates during a single session for best results.  This will ensure maximum compatibility between the sites core and installed modules.

The most common solution to customer support issues with a Bondware site is to ensure that all available updates have been applied.

Other Updates

  • Simple Store coupons now allow a single coupon code with a percent discount on a product.  This can be used to provide free or discounted subscriptions for a period of time.
  • Simple Store e-commerce feature in the Bondware core has been modified to provide better information to site admins about print subscriptions in email notifications and access to this information in the simple store report.
  • Various layout & templates fixes for Bondware standard templates.

To the Cloud

Over the next year, we will be migrating all customers to our new cloud-based hosting platform.  If you have not migrated yet, our customer support staff will be in touch soon to coordinate your site migration.  You won't notice many changes to how Bondware works, but you should notice improved site speed and lower bandwidth costs over time.  We can also configure larger sites to run across multiple servers that spin-up automatically as demand increases.

As always, customers can try new Bondware features risk-free via our 15-day free trial.


Last Word

We hope you enjoy this release.  As usual, it includes many improvements to templates, elements and general bug fixes. You can learn more about the new features in our online knowledge base at




Frank customer feedback is valuable to us. Please help make us better by completing our Customer Survey. You can choose to be completely anonymous or have us call you about a specific issue.

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