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 Automation ToolsContentEngine 24 Released

ContentEngine (CE) is our essential news publishing platform designed to deliver best practices in news publishing with minimal setup effort.  Version 24 adds the following powerful features:

  • Locations on Articles & Events - CE is now fully integrated with Google Maps.  Multiple named locations can be placed on articles resulting in a map being displayed at bottom of the article with one or more named pins related to the content of the article.  Likewise, calendar events can now be associated with a single location for the event.

  • Tagging - Own the important search keywords in your target market.  Admins can now tag articles and slideshows to provide alternative ways to browse/discover related content.  This information drives engagement via related content displays when viewing articles and pages.  It also enables SEO super-pages around a tag name by aggregating all articles that share the same tag onto a single page.  This ultimately drives improved placement on search engines with related increases in site traffic.

  • Tag Targeted Advertising - In addition to run-of-site ad positions, the included ad management system can now target articles associated with specific tags.
  • Contributor System Improvements - this release includes a significant overhaul of the contributor system with particular focus on workflow.  The intent is to allow a single editor to manage a large number of contributors to produce a news product with minimal effort.

  • Font Selector in Design Settings - site admins can now select custom fonts for key areas of their site.

As always, customers can try our new features risk-free via our 15-day free trial.




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