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E-Commerce and Online Store

Stop spending money and start making it today

With our eCommerce system, anyone can quickly set up an online store and begin selling products or services to the world in no time. Simply add this powerful module to your new or current content management web site and start managing inventory, process credit cards, offer shipping options, and more.

Bondware is an easy-to use, highly flexible and scalable tool for building and managing your website. With Bondware, you can build a meaningful, dynamic content management and/or eCommerce website that helps you run your organization or small business and improve your bottom-line. And you can easilymake changes to your website with no web development experience!


Check out these empowering features:
  • Webstore / Shopping Cart
  • Domain Hosting
  • Member Login Option
  • Custom Product Catalog
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Brokered Business Options
  • E-Marketing System
  • Digital Theft Protection
  • Inventory Management
  • Several Shipping Options
  • Secure Digital Downloads
  • Robust Reporting Tool Set
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eCommerce Web Software Hosting

Q. How many products can I sell with your hosted eCommerce/ Shopping cart software?

A. Our eCommerce system (named ECS - Bondware eCommerce System) allows unlimited products for your online store. We have web sites with over 100,000 products for sales as well as web sites selling only 1 or 2 products. You can sell as many or few products online as you'd like and can always easily add more products to your store.

Q. What types of products can I sell online with your eCommerce software?

A. We offer several types of products which can be managed differently depending on the product you are selling. We offer shippable products, or standard items that are typically inventoried and have associated stock levels. Our eCommerce software also allows items such as events and subscriptions to be sold online.

Allow we can help you sell standard products, events, subscriptions and services, we are best known for our digital eCommerce solutions. For example, if you wanted to sell software online, or sell music online, or sell photography online or any digital file or digital product you can image. Our eCommerce software offers some of the best features in the industry for digital product sales. Check out our eCommerce solutions page or our eCommerce web hosting pricing page to get more details on features available to you with eCommerce (ECS).

Q. Is your hosted eCommerce / shopping cart software secure?

A. YES. We have websites runnings tens of thousands of transactions daily and we integrate with online merchant gateway providers, such as verisign and authorize.net, to securely pass credit card information. All eCommerce transactions and passing of personal data is done on secured HTTPS servers with SSL certificates.

In fact, we process enough credit card transactions daily that the primary credit card providers (Master Card & Visa) have required us to comply with their highest security level requirements, which includes frequent 3rd party security audits of our web sites and hosted web site architecture. There are several levels of security, however, even our basic packages on shared servers are extremely secure and will protect your investments. If your eCommerce requirements are higher than most and you need additional protection, we can set you up on dedicated servers that are even more tightly locked down depending on your needs. Please let us know your expected volume of transactions and we can help you pick the best hosted solution for your needs.


Custom Web Site Design vs. Template Web Site Design

Q. How are custom web designs different than template web designs?

A. Web site templates are usually pre-built websites with text placeholders. You can implement these templates and change their default content or text to content appropriate for your site. Rarely do these templates offer much web design flexibility nor do they empower you to add links, add pages and essentially manage your web site once it is live and hosted.

Custom web designs can take many flavors. A good strategy for most web sites is to implement a color pallet, navigation, consistent header and footer and generally a common look and feel. With a Bondware system we help you build a custom web design / custom web site template for your web site. We can design and implement nearly anything that can be dreamed up.

Because we can design a web site so quickly and implement your custom web site template in a fraction of the time of typical custom web site designers, our web designs are very affordable and often are very cheap web designs - starting at only $800 for a full web site design and often this can be even less if you just need a custom web site header.

Q. Do I have to be in Nashville, TN to work with your "Nashville web site design team"?

A. No. Our Nashville web design team is based here in Nashville, but we design web sites for sites running outside of Nashville, TN. For example, we have designed sites for people in Atlanta, Tampa, Washington, D.C., California, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and international sites including Sri Lanka and Israel. One website we've designed has over 500,000 members and is represented in over 150 countries.

Q. Can I design my website myself or does your Nashville Web Design team need to be involved?

A. YES. We love to see other web designers get involved with Bondware's CMS and design their own web sites. Even if you are not a web designer and have NO HTML and NO Web design experience, you can still get a good looking web site designed on Bondware. We have several web design themes and templates for you to apply to your site. We also have already designed or }pre-designed" web designs available for purchase, which we call "Skins" that can be applied to your site at any time.

Some of our "skins" were designed by our Nashville web design team and other skins were developed by 3rd party web designers. These web designers then get royalties for each skin that is sold. You'll find that some skin designs are free and others may have a fee associated with them. The fees will depend on the level of effort that the web designer put into designing and developing the skin.

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