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Theresa Sexton, Investor Services

Massey Burch

"Choosing Bondware for our new website has proven invaluable. The final product exceeded every need proposed to the staff. Bondware made the set-up a flawless and professional transition. "The software is sophisticated yet user-friendly and has the capability of providing additional features as our firm's needs grow. Bondware enables our website to be updated within minutes and provides useful back-end data analysis."
Lori Medley, Executive Secretary

Tennessee Association of Professional Surveyors

"Our members visit the site often to stay informed and keep connected. The web site design makes it easy to get around, and it's easy to keep information up-to-date. "There is a great deal of surveying information on the site. The general public and surveyors use the member database link to locate surveyors in certain areas. The broadcast link is extremely convenient in getting out information quickly." -
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Hosted Intranet Software and Collaboration Solutions


Save money now!  No per user/seat fees!  Monthly intranet hosting and software license fees start as low as $25/mo for unlimited users.  Fully loaded hosted intranet software solutions often run between $75 and $125 per month for unlimited membership.

Bondware's CMS intranet software has security and membership built into every facet.  Web pages and secured content can be grouped into unlimited intranet sections which can have different security levels.  Your intranet software essentially has 4 levels deep of security settings for all secured areas of the intranet site, which is all driven off your web site's membership.  Your collaborative web site can be used as a secured corporate intranet where only corporate employees can even get to the intranet site or you can have a web site that has one or more web pages open to the public, with vendor, partner, customer or employee areas secured by user names and encyrpted passwords. 

Even technology firms are finding value, power, performance and flexibility with Bondware's applications and intranet solutions. 

Some of Bondware's secured intranet software and collaboration features include:

  • Self-publishing of intranet web pages via an HTML editor
  • an intranet File Library to upload and store any type of file, aiding in collaboration and document management 
  • a Photo gallery, with optional comment and rating system
  • Community Discussion Forums with advanced search features - Perfect for groups of intranet users to collaborate on projects and document creation
  • Collaboration Calendar - keep intranet groups informed of company activities
  • Directory Listing Software, which allows you to upload any type of spreadsheet data into user-definable columns or build an intranet access only yellow pages type of online directory for your employees.
  • FAQ builder
  • Customer Service intranet & extranet software which allows for unlimited categorization of private or public responses to questions
  • Email Newsletter broadcasts which can go to all web site / intranet members or any mailing list of your choice and has the option to automatically include various sections/ web pages of your intranet, such as "company news articles".
Bondware's intranet and collaboration software solution is great for both large and small customers. See Examples Below.
For example, Gaylord Entertainment Banquets Department uses Bondware's secured intranet software daily in their food service division to help their employees collaborate and to increase efficiency.

QHR (Quorum Health Resources) uses our secured intranet software for collaboration between various departments or sub-communities in their organization.  For example, executives from hospitals they manage can collaborate to discuss current issues, policies and best practices, while nurses or coders could ask questions to experts about policies and procedures or look up answers to previously asked questions saving man-hours and increasing efficiencies, while maintaining HIPPA level security compliance.
A smaller company like the Pilkerton Realestate Agency, uses bondware to allow its realestate brokers to more effectively communicate.  Bondware's advanced collaboration features allows for better knowledge transfer with remote employees and improves their sales efforts by keeping everyone "in the loop."
Take a test drive of our intranet software solutions or click on more info below to get started today.

Content Management System

Q. What is a content management system and why would I want one?

A. A content management system (CMS) is a computer software system for organizing and facilitating creation of web site content. A content management system is sometimes a web application used for managing websites and web content, though in many cases, content management systems require special client software for editing and constructing articles. However, in the case of Bondware, there is NO CLIENT SOFTWARE TO INSTALL. Your entire website can be created with any browser, such as Internet Explorer, and access to the internet.

Bondware's CMS (Content Management System) empowers people to take control of their websites and their association, small business or self-publication (e.g. online newspapers or online magazines). With our website building software, which is a standard feature of Bondware's content management system, you are always only one-click away from editing a page on your website. No longer do you have to call (and pay for) a web designer to manage your website's content, or to change a word or two on your site.

Q. Is your content management system a web site builder?

A. Yes, although Bondware is a full website publishing system and supports nearly unlimited content management. Strictly speaking, a web site builder is a type of content management system (CMS). Typically, web site builders focus mostly on fancy web design templates to make a few web pages look great and the web pages typically are easy to design, set up and publish to a website.

Q. How is your content management system (CMS) different from a traditional web site builder?

A. Bondware begins with the ability to build your own web site and manage the content, text and images yourself. Therefore, Bondware is a web site builder. However, Bondware's CMS goes well beyond most web site building software.

Traditional web site builder software or free web site builders often are very limited, in custom web design flexibility, web page / news article limitations and business features that your small business, association, organization and non-profit often need. In Bondware, even our cheapest hosted web site solutions offer unlimited web pages and articles. You can also implement many modules, or add-on web tools, such as e-commerce, customer service management, banner ad management, forums, online directory, rss feeds and syndication and much more.

Q. Is your CMS an Open Source Content Management System?

A. No. However, Bondware's CMS is built on an open source platform. Our web-based CMS software runs on a LAMP platform. It is a PHP Content Management System, running on Linux and MySQL with an Apache web server.

Our PHP based CMS is completed web-based, running on the internet via your web browser of choice. There is no software to install on your computer. Thus, our CMS is 100% compatible with a MAC or a PC. Although all browsers interpret web page code slightly different, we work hard to make sure our CMS works with many browers, including Internet Explorer (MAC and PC), FireFox, (MAC and PC), Netscape and AOL. We also attempt to make our web site administration system compatible with Safari, however, there are some limitations with Safari we are not able to develop around. Therefore, if you are on a MAC, it is recommended that you run Firefox for MAC on your computer when administering a Bondware CMS web site.

Corporate Intranet / Portals - Secure Web Sites

Q. How can Bondware meet my intranet and web portal needs?

A. Bondware is great for corporate intranets. At the core of Bondware is a content management system, which allows users or website members to manage content on the site with a "do it yourself" approach. Bondware has "web site feature toggles" which allow you to turn on/off various features of your website. One such feature is the ability to make your website an intranet site, which will tell the software to force a username/password to view any portion of the website.

You could also allow portions of your intranet site open to the public (access without a userid and password), but they require certain pages or groups of pages on your site to be password protected.

Q. Does all the content on my web site need to be secured?

A. No. Bondware allows you to set security on pages by the web page sections which they are associated. If desired, you could have only 1 web page per section, thus allowing security control at the web page level.

Most of the Bondware modules also allow various levels of security controls to be set so members can have areas of the web site open to all web site visitors and other areas restricted to approved or authorized web site members.

Q. What other intranet services does your software provide?

A. Bondware's CMS software has many features that are ideal for corporate intranets. For example, site administrators can manage the content and images on the web pages easily and quickly. There are web site forums that be secured to the individual web site member, so this works great for having inter-company sections of your website where departments can post questions or comments about particular topics. The nature of forums is such that you can track discussions where one website member posts a comment and other website members reply, then yet others can reply to the reply. The forum search functions are great to allow users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Other features include a photo gallery and a company directory listing, similar to a yellow pages online concept. The file library and secure file PHP modules are great for quick and easy uploading of files to your website. Digital files to upload to your website can be any type that you can store on your computer, such as photos, PDFs, word documents, Excel spreadsheets, zip files and more. You can also use our online community calendar module to keep track of departmental or company events and schedules.

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