Newsletter Basic

We know that you want a fast & easy solution when it comes to communicating with your readers. Newsletter Basic is built into the software, just for that. It has all the essential tools for you to be able to upload self-maintaining mailing lists and send out informative newsletters.

Getting Started

To get to the newsletter feature built into the Bondware Core

Go To: Tools>>Newsletters

First you should go to: Settings

  1. Enter a reply to email & the reply to name.
  2. Place HTML or other code
  3. Save Changes

Newsletter Template

In the newsletter template box you can put content that you would like to have appear in the newsletter every time, and an HTML template design. For example, placing the $Logo$ Variable will populate the logo that is in the header of your site.

If you place content in this box, the $insertmessage$ Variable is required.

You can place:

  • HTML
  • Code for images
  • Elements
  • Plain Text
  • Variables

Create a Mailing List

  1. Click Create a List
  2. Type a List Name
  3. Click Add

Click the Pencil Tool to edit the Mailing list

Manage Mailing List (Add Emails)

Managing the mailing list is an important feature in newsletter basic. You can view, add delete, upload, opt out and link the list and its emails.

To manage a list: click the Paper Ribbon Icon

Adding a .csv file

Under Upload new entries/Mailing List

      1. Click: Choose
      2. Select the .csv file
      3. Click: Upload

Duplicate and invalid emails will automatically be removed.

Merging the Site Members mailing list

The site members list are members that have registered to your site using using the login page registration link or a direct link to the sign-up page.

Registering as a site member is built in and free for the visitor.

Click merge to add these emails to the mailing list.

Sending a Newsletter

  1. Select a mailing list
  2. Type a subject
  3. Type the message

You can include variables and elements

Include Content Sections

If you check this box, the sections on your site that are set to show in newsletter will populate at the bottom of the message.

To view/manage the sections that are selected to show in newsletter

  1. Go to: Content>>Manage Sections
  2. Click the Pencil Tool to edit the section
  3. Check/Uncheck: Include this article section in the newsletter

Sent Mail Progress

Sent Mail

To view the sent mail:

Click the Newsletter Logo.


View Newsletter

View Logs



The Newsletter basic has an allowance of 5,000 e-postage stamps. Every month it resets back to 5,000

  1. Select how many units you need
  2. Click Purchase

Linking the mailing list

Here is where to place links for readers to subscribe to the mailing list:

Place the Subscribe box on the site

  1. Go to Tools>>Newsletters
  2. Click Mailing Lists
  3. Copy the Join Element
  4. Paste the element in a sidebar section/link or on the homepage. It can also be pasted in section or article templates.

Here is what it will look like on your site

Link the subscribe box to the Navigation

  1. Go to: Tools>>Newsletters
  2. Click: Mailing Lists
  3. Click: the Paper Ribbon Icon to manage the list
  4. Click: Link to Join Mailing List
  5. Copy the url at the top of your browser
  6. Under Navigation choose top or sidebar
  7. Create a link and paste the Url

It will link to this box.


How can I design a header for the newsletter?
Paste HTML Table code in template box on the settings page.

Is there a way to download the mailing lists?
You can view the mailing list on the manage lists page. There currently is no way to download it.

Can I stop the progress after I send an email blast?
You can see the sent progress on the sent newsletters page. There is currently no way to stop it once it has been sent. If you run out of postage during a send, it will remain on hold until more postage is added. Then it will finish sending automatically.

Can I see the bounced email list or the opt out list?
Bounced emails are removed from the mailing list automatically. There is no way to see the bounced emails or the opt-out list.

Does the postage allowance roll over the next month if I don't use it all?
Every month the email postage allowance resets to 5,000.


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