Publish Version 4.19


Section Templates

Our Publish software has long supported the notion of templates for overall site design and for news articles.  This release introduces the logical next step of "section" templates.  The section templates provide an intuitive way to layout section-specific graphics and ad positions.  This can improve design aesthetics and revenue opportunities from advertising.  Our in-house template designer has been seen grinning from ear to ear after working with these tools.  Look for this new feature under the Admin|Design menu.

HTML Editor

A key change in this release is the inclusion of a much improved HTML editor and file manager.  Customers who spend significant amount of time editing text will appreciate the familiar text editing environment along with an improved file manager that brings to mind Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.  For example, sorting images by date and deleting older images is now a trivial task.  Also, cropping and manipulating images has never been easier.


Image Compression

One of our internal goals over the last few releases has been to minimize or eliminate overages fees from bandwidth and storage.  One of the best ways to do this is to compress large images before they become a permanent part of the website.  The latest version of Bondware now does this automatically for article images and also on the bulk image upload to the File Manager.


Other Fixes/Improvements

  • Ability to create/edit user friendly aliases for any site page
  • Admin menu redesigned for speed and usability
  • Article search now sorts results by date

Email Deliverability

Working to ensure email deliverability is an ongoing focus for our staff.  Over the past month we have added automation that works hand-in-hand with the SPAM feedback mechanisms of the major email providers.  We have also strengthened our policies and software features related to out-bound emails.

Despite these initiatives, some email providers like AOL have increased their SPAM filtering mechanisms to the point that email delivery can only be guaranteed if the from-address in the email is whitelisted or added to the address book of the intended recipient.  We recommend that senders of frequent email newsletters provide information on their websites and on the signup pages instructing recipients to whitelist the from-address used to send the newsletters.  Our support staff will be happy to assist with any questions on best practices in this area.

How Are We Doing?

Frank customer feedback is valuable.  Please help make us better by completing our Customer Survey.  You can choose to be completely anonymous or have us call you about a specific issue.


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