Publish Version 4.23

In many ways, software is like a car. It makes our lives easier but occasionally requires maintenance in order to continue running efficiently. With that in mind, the team is pleased to announce the October release of Publish. Learn about the improved features below. 


To keep the software running smoothly, we’ve made some adjustments under the hood this month. The following bug fixes/improvements have been made.

  • Invisible Microsoft Word document styles are now removed automatically when pasting into the Publish text editor.

  • Added Pinterest and LinkedIn social bookmark options.

  • Fixed issue with unwanted forward-slash character additions to article titles, captions and keywords.

  • Login errors will now display on intranet pages.

  • Improved handling of empty and unsupported sections by the bwsections element.

  • Updated article_slideshow element to only show articles that feature an image.

  • Fixed issue with creating folders with names that contain a space character.

  • Solved problem of articles listing out of order when viewing article sections as an admin.

  • Added image support for syndicated (RSS) article sections.


Occasionally it becomes necessary to trim away the dead branches so new ones can grow. This release marks the end of some rarely used features in the Publish platform--namely, event notifications and “friends”. Removing these outdated features helps to keep the software streamlined and maintainable. For publishers, this means we’ve got more time to focus on the tools you need to create revenue.


How Are We Doing? 

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