Using Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service - Amazon S3 is a new service that allows users to store files into Amazon's server "cloud." It will allow parts of Bondware to take advantage of our S3 account and reduce your monthly storage and bandwidth cost. It is compatible with: File Manager, Moxie Manager and the SmartAd Module.

Enable our Amazon S3 Account

How do I plug in my Amazon S3 Settings into my Bondware site?

  1. Go to: Settings>>General Site Settings
  2. Scroll down to: Amazon S3 Settings
  3. Check the box to reduce site bandwidth and storage charges with Amazon S3 cloud service

  4. Don't forget to Save Changes

Using Amazon S3 in the File Manager

  1. Go To: Files>>File Management
  2. Look for this button in File Manager to Move your files to S3

Uploading files to Amazon S3

Save your files to S3 as you upload them.
This feature is set to Bondware by default.

Using Amazon S3 in the MoxieManager

Access the Moxie Manager within the article creation page, when uploading an article image.

  1. Go to: Content>>Add an Article
  2. Scroll to Article Summary | Article Text
  3. Click Browse Server under the Summary Text | Article Text

    or click the Insert/Edit Image Icon

Amazon S3 folder will be available if you have the settings active

Using Amazon S3 in the SmartAd Module

  1. Go to: Modules>>SmartAd
  2. Click Settings in the SmartAd top navigation options.
  3. Under Storage
  4. Check Store ad images on Amazon S3


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