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Release 52 - 2022-10-07
  • New Affiliate system
    • Can be enabled via Settings page
    • Create affiliate accounts with unique tracking codes for tracking URL clicks from affiliate sites
    • Tracks visits and user signups originating from affiliate URLs
    • Also tracks SimpleStore purchases with traffic originating from affiliate URLs
  • Improved advertising statistical reporting
    • Made various UI/UX enhancements to administrative tools to improve ease-of-use
    • Added more data to the reports generated by advertising system to better meet client needs
  • Added a Google Maps widget to the Page Editor and Advanced Article Editor
  • Added ability to set a custom homepage for Business Directory
  • Added a more robust "Who's Online" page to monitor active users on site
  • Improved the design options for newsletters
  • Simplified the Contributor payment process
  • Various bug fixes and performance enhancements
Release 51 - 2022-05-09
  • Calendar Enhancements
    • Added separate email address for Calendar notifications
    • Added ICS download for individual events
    • Added thumbnail image for events in calendar views
    • Added other customization settings
  • Added design settings (colors) for mobile menu
  • Added ability to assign ad rotations (sponsors) for newsletter sections
  • Applied a global fix for image rotation for images taken on iphone devices
  • Added ability to process refunds in store
  • Added notion of accounting/reporting codes for products in the store
  • Added page to list and search content contributors
  • Overhauled the contributor compensation system
    • Replaced revenue-sharing model with traditional freelance model
    • Support for monthly or per unit freelancer compensation
  • Enhanced account/payments system
    • Added support for ACH & Wire payments
    • Added tracking of account payment settings changes for admins
  • Fixed various bugs and made other performance improvements

Release 50 - 2022-02-22
  • New vendor dashboard for store in marketplace mode.
  • Added inventory options to store products.
  • Added shipping fields to store products.
  • Added section slideshow/carousel widget to promote articles
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Release 49 - 2021-10-08
  • Added ability to link articles to calendar events
  • Added calendar editorial widget to display articles linked to events occurring within a specified date period
  • Added byline and images to the "Full Article Summary"
  • Added calendar editorial links to the calendar Agenda View and newsletter event list
  • Clicking outside the popup dialog will now cause the dialog to disappear
Release 48 - 2021-08-26

  • Added "Days to Consider" setting to Section Feed widget to improve performance on sections with a large number of articles
  • Added a File Upload field type to webforms to capture file uploads as part of webform submissions
  • Added the ability to clone/duplicate articles
  • Added the ability to add per-episode podcast cover art in articles
  • Made various design improvements to the article admin area
  • Favicons of multiple sizes will now be saved for better browser support
  • Added more options to the calendar field settings
Release 47 - 2021-06-09
  • Newsletter send logic overhaul to improve delivery speed & reporting
  • Added ability to clone/duplicate webforms
  • Improvements to article formatting when printing
  • Added list of sections to full article pages
  • Added ability to add instructions to the checkout page for specific simplestore products
  • Added "Full Article Summary" to the article feed widgets
Release 46 - 2021-04-02
  • Added various improvements to the Media Library including additional support for common file types
  • Added ability to delete pending user registrations.
  • Several improvements to the update process
Release 50 - TBD
  • Added article section slideshow